About Us

I am Brian McGrath and as far back as I can remember I was drawn to woodworking. My grandfather had a small woodwork shop down stairs at his house and it was a huge staple in my life. That same grandfather pushed me to go to a vocational school instead of a traditional high school where I learned all aspects of woodworking, and after that I did a little engineering study at Wentworth Institute of Technology. 

Life got in the way of that plan and lead me down a different path that sent me down south, but woodworking was always a constant in my life. Mostly just as a hobby that also turned into a couple custom woodworking businesses along the way under the name of McFixits and then Woodmasters.

I moved back to the Boston area in 2008 and started a career in the automotive industry at Toyota of Braintree. While working there I found a book by Judy and Dave Peterson about making puzzles. The book had lots of the patterns for the puzzles you see here. They have been a big inspiration for me. So I started making puzzles on the side and showcasing them in my office. People loved and wanted to purchase my puzzles but I had no extra time to make them. 

Then 2020 hit and my wife and I had to make the best decision for us and our kids, so someone could be home with them during all of the uncertainty. That’s when I left the dealership and officially began Completely Puzzled. 

Here at Completely Puzzled we specialize in custom stand up puzzles. Most are made from exotic hardwoods, hand selected for each puzzle — and our designs range from animals to fantasy. There are no computers involved in the cutting process at all, so these are completely handmade.

In addition to the puzzles, we also do a lot of other woodworking and custom orders — our customers and our quality are our most prized assets!